Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Foam Fold Out Chair Bed Where Can I Find A Pattern To Make A Foam Flip Chair, Thats Folds Out To Make A Single Bed?

Where can I find a pattern to make a foam flip chair, thats folds out to make a single bed? - foam fold out chair bed

Ohhhhhhh had to read twice before I realized what I mean!

You need three pieces of foam, Nice and thick. Two rooms will be the basis for sleep - so about 24 centimeters in width and length cm weighing approximately 36th The third bit is the way - the same width, of course. Garnish each piece, then use the web links to connect.


llittle mama said...

IWhy need a pattern, a look at a chair, you should say how easy it is to make too.
Buy or cut within the meaning of forms they need, cover, bring them together, (the hardest part, without industrial machines) I use heavy Velcro strips to hold them together, or heavy wire whip or blanket sttitch point.

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